Avoid Low Back Pain and Stiffness

Sitting for extended periods of time is associated with low back pain and stiffness. The Active Seat helps keeps the muscles of your back in an “activated state” to help avoid the ill effects of sustained postures.

The Active Seat functions as a seat cushion for better spinal health using weight and gravity to create forces used by the body to increase blood flow and activate muscles.

Extended Sitting Hurts

An estimated 75% of work in industrialized countries is performed while seated. Additionally, much of our leisure time is spent sitting, often in poor postures.

Sitting places high stresses to the discs of the spine. Prolonged sitting reduces blood flow to the structures of the spine and is harmful to the supporting structures, such as muscles, ligaments and discs.

The Active Seat increases blood flow to spinal muscles

Continual stress from prolonged sitting can cause degenerative changes or arthritis to accelerate. Persons with chronic back problems are especially vulnerable. It is known that if you immobilize a joint with a splint, changes similar to degenerative arthritis appear in the joint. It is also known that professional car or truck drivers that sit for long periods are at a high risk for disc herniation.

Motion is essential for the health of a joint. Motion has been shown to help heal cartilage and promote healing of tissues by keeping the ph levels optimal for healing and removing metabolic waste products.

The Active Seat promotes Decompression Of The Spine & motion of back muscles

Come with hand inflation pump. The air seat cushion’s level of inflation can be adjusted to meet your individual needs. 

"I have had very positive reports from my patients and I like to use it also!"

Stephen Ornstein, DC

Live & Work Healthier, Sit Comfortably

Active Seat Brings Relief

Great for office, home, travel, car seat or wheelchair use. High resilience seat cushion uses high-quality Lycra and eco TPU material. Lycra is a high resilience material that is comfortable and durable.

Multiple air convection technology with 33 individual air cells reduces stress on the spine, buttocks and thighs.

The air flows to each cell  producing an anti-gravity effect. This reduces vertical pressure more than a third of the body weight, greatly reducing loading and pressure of the spine and coccyx.

Understanding Low Back Pain and How Active Seat Helps

Low back pain is acute or chronic pain involving the lumbar, sacral, buttock, and/or thigh. Back pain from disc problems is aggravated by the sitting position, which is necessary in many occupations and daily activities.

The intervertebral disc of the spine is the largest tissue with no blood vessels in the body and important nutrients arrive by a process called diffusion which is controlled by motion. Lack of motion combined with sustained sitting can cause loss of disc height from pressure or from existing degenerative disc changes. This can place abnormal loading on the joints and pressure on the nerves resulting in back pain, stiffness or even leg pain. Prolonged sitting weakens the back and places it at risk of injury, especially after a long trip and bending and twisting when lifting or retrieving luggage.

An article “Effect of different seat support characteristics on the neck and trunk muscles and forward head posture of visual display terminal workers”, in the journal Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation. Volume 36, Number 1 / 2010, indicates an unstable seat cushion significantly relaxes mid neck and low back (L5) paraspinal muscles and improves posture better than a spongy or soft cushion seat support. The study further indicates this type of seat cushion may prevent work related neck and upper limb disorders associated with forward head posture.

Pain within the lower back often is present within the populace associated with industrialized nations and the amount of individuals suffering pain is consistently increasing. The cause of discomfort typically will be damage to the disc within the lower back.

Spinal Column Overloading

Spinal column overloading presently has become quite typical which is an essential casuative factor in the actual beginning of pain within the low back. Spinal column over loading happens whenever individuals don’t follow ergonomic principles in the course of their particular work and so they contribute to an inappropriate life-style.

Lately, individuals spend the majority of of their time within a seated posture which can be damaging in structural terms. This contributes to lower spinal column over loading and also, for that reason, the discs break down more rapidly.

Sedentary Lifestyle In Work, Travel, Play, and Rest

Young children tend to be required to sit down at the school desk; in the home they will perform home work as well as play video games and also watch television in a sitting posture.

Adults work, travel as well as relax within the sitting posture. This really does impact posture and also raises the risk associated with degeneration changes within the entire spinal column.

By using an automobile or any other method of transportation, the spinal column is also subjected to shock as well as vibration resulting in micro traumas.

A seated life-style contributes to weakening associated with the muscular system, especially involving the muscles in command of the correct healthy posture and also spinal stabilizing.

As a result, elements of the spinal system which were not meant to assume the task, take over the supporting function.

Not enough physical action as well as poor eating habits tend to be primary causes of being overweight. Increased bodyweight overloads the spinal system as well as accelerates the entire process of wear and tear.

An additional element impacting on the potential risk of lower back disc degeneration is extended work necessitating bending as well as heavy lifting.

Active Seat can be an important step in the right direction in helping to avoid the detrimental effects seen with prolonged static seated postures and vibrations and will have a positive impact on back pain, spinal health and productivity.